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So, I run registration for a local convention. Several of them actually, but if I'm complaining about one, it's pretty much always the same one. We don't need to name names here.

I had actually quit this particular con, and then rescinded it when I found out who the new ConChair would be. I like him. More importantly, I like his vision. He wants to do silly things like "document how processes are currently done." (This con has a "We don't make rules!" culture to it that tends to end up leaving things in limbo quite often-- because while they don't make rules, they most certainly form traditions. It's very hard to maintain a tradition without a framework.)

So, I sat down and thought about my little registration corner of the con, and what I would really like to see happen. I had some pretty awesome ideas, and I even wrote some of them down. And then I completely and utterly ignored them for ... oh, let's call it 9 or 10 months.

Hey, did you know that awesome ideas do not magically spring forth from the earth, and require actual work to implement? I DO know that, in fact. Yet somehow, every time I thought "I should really work on that registration stuff I want to get done" I ended up doing something else instead. (In fairness, this happens a lot with all sorts of different Stuff I Want To Get Done, not just registration stuff. I really ought to refer to it as Stuff I Want To Have Already Done But Don't Want To Actually Do.)

Now, of course, I'm just a little more than a month away, and I'm staring at a mountain of Stuff That Needs To Be Done Already But Isn't. I've spent the last three days clawing my way through a bunch of it, so a lot of the pile has been moved over to Stuff That Is Finally F*ing Done Thank Goodness. And a decent portion of that has been "making a better, more stable, more stupid-proof system" that will make the next iteration of this quite a lot easier. (The same ConChair is running next year as well, and I've already told him I'll take registration again.) Moreover, I'm making a conscious effort to design it in a flexible-yet-understandable way, so that I can hand the whole thing over to the NEXT person down the line and let them decide whether to use it or start over from scratch. So it is getting better, and it will continue to get better, and I am actually making forward progress on implementing at least a little of what I wanted to implement.

But I can't help thinking that this whole thing would have been so very much easier if I had started working on it last summer when I first said to myself "I should really work on the registration stuff I want to get done."


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