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More backward than forward today. I was stuck at home until UPS showed up to drop off the ribbons, because UPS is full of fuckers and every single time I've assumed that they can handle leaving a package, they've screwed me. I can't afford the time delay if they left me a little "We tried!" note.

So, I sat at the computer and printed out badges. 90 minutes and a little more than halfway through the files (with a bug-fix in the code generation), and I thought to do a test print on my black and white printer. Sure enough, the two pages of badges that I can get to print at a time... they don't line up exactly. Which means I can't have them cut in the big machine. I'm certainly not going to cut them by hand-- it would take forever. So, now I get to scrap everything already printed and do it over again one page at a time instead. [insert swearing here]

The ribbons DID show up (at 4:45pm, just in case I wanted to get anything done outside of the house), whereupon I discovered that the second vendor doesn't package the ribbons by type-- they were packaged up 1000 ribbons to a bag. So John and I sat at the kitchen table and sorted all the ribbons out into individual sandwich bags. Whiiiich meant I didn't get back upstairs to work on printing badges. So for a day that had a primary goal of "Prepare all the badges for printing" I managed to prepare exactly none of the badges for printing. Go me!

Two ribbon orders are borked-- one my fault, one the vendor's fault. I've emailed the vendor about the one that's their fault, and hopefully there will be some sort of solution that isn't "suck it up, buttercup." I emailed the person who ordered the one that's my fault, and I don't have any solution there at all. (A third order is technically wrong, but not in an obvious way, and that one's my fault as well.)

However, I DID manage to get all the packages of ribbons labeled with who they belong to, so that they can be sorted for easier retrieval. So.. yay, I guess. I had hoped for more.


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