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Short review: Go see it.

Longer review: Let's face it, any time a movie is titled based on what the art medium is rather than what the story is, you're looking at a potential bomb. But I love Legos, and sometimes those potential bombs turn out to be excellent-- I absolutely love a movie named after the board game that inspired the setting. So off I went, with high hopes and low expectations.

I'm pleased to say that the movie budget included a line item for "quality storyline" and "writers". The story shown on the screen is sweet and funny. If you happen to be old enough to remember when Legos came in large amorphous boxes instead of specific (and frequently licensed) kits, then there's a meta-story layered above the story on screen, about how the toy that used to be all about building and creativity is now about instructions and kits, and that story is enjoyable as well. And then in the third act, the movie takes a sharp right turn, adds a third layer that re-frames the entire movie while punching you squarely in the emotions, and continues on towards a perfect yet suddenly poignant resolution.

While I highly recommend this movie for adults, I feel I have to include a dire warning: the theme song is repetitive and highly catchy. It took me two days to stop hearing it go through my head on an endless loop. And that's okay, because it's catchy and I liked it, and the only person affected was myself because I have a filter in between my brain and my mouth (most of the time). If your child's brain-to-mouth filter is not yet developed, taking him or her to see this movie will almost certainly result in several days of non-stop "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!" that will drive you crazy. You have been warned.

When you go, stay for the credits. There was no easter-egg scene when we went, but you do get to hear all of Batman's song, which is totally worth it.


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